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About Us


We are a small family owned business. We have a passion for repairing devices of all types. Big or small, we have repaired everything. We have been in business for about five years now and are consistently working on growing and improving. Our family is the most important part in our life which is why we treat all of our customers like family. From start to finish we are dedicated to our customers. If you see one of us, the others aren't far behind. Toney loves gadgets. At 9yrs old he dismantled his oldest sister's brand new computer just to rebuild it. Let's just say she wasn't as happy about then as she is for his success.


Here at RoadRunners we repair electronics devices. Nothing is too big or small. From a simple "I've dropped my phone and the screen is cracked" to "Someone ran over my phone in a forklift at work." We can help you. Our devices have become lifelines, we want to provide you the comfort of knowing we will care for your device as if it was our own.


RoadRunners is here because we care about the people the people and their devices. We provide a welcoming family oriented establishment were our customers can feel like family. We valve our customers and new found family members. It brings us joy to be able to help in any situation.



Roadrunners started at the kitchen table in our home in 2016. I cracked the screen on my apple watch and to say the least Toney ordered the part and repaired it. I have always had an entrepreneurial mind set, so I asked him if he could also repair phones and other electronics because the watch looked extremely difficult. His answer was Yes! At the time, Toney worked in logistics and I was a stay at home mom from resigning from my job simply because it was too far and it wasn't what I wanted to do anymore. Little did Toney know that this would be his last month in logistics. He brought up the idea of being an independent contractor for a courier service, hence our name RoadRunners. I ran with the idea and registered our company. We purchased a van and created a logo. He resigned from his job. The plan was for us to deliver packages in the mornings and repair electronic devices offering mobile services in the evenings. At this point, it was a win either way. With having our logo for electronic repairs on the van while delivering packages this would help us gain exposure to grow the repair business. The next day we learned from the courier company that we could Not add a logo to the vehicle, it had to remain white. This was a deal breaker for us. We got our logo installed and went full time repairing devices, this meant sometime being out past 10pm if a call came through. The customers provided the address and we were there completing all work from our van. Fast forward to April 2019, we signed a lease for our first store front.  

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